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Lieder ohne Worte


Op. 1 No. 1 - 5

      Are you tired of singing standard repertoire for your performances or auditions? Here are some refreshing, dramatic, and very showy options if you dare

      This is the whole set of Lieder ohne Worte - Dramaticalises - Op. 1

      It includes

No. 1 = Act I Massage Session

No. 2 = Act II The Extra Pair of Shoes

No. 3 = Act III Ice Cream

No. 4 = Act IV Gym

No. 5 = Act V La petite mort


      This is a set of music for a voice and a piano

      These are music to exercise drama

      There are no meaningful lyrics in this set

      Parental Advisory Strongly Recommended for users under 18 yo. The description(drama) may include topics which are not children friendly(The performance itself could be children friendly as long as the subtexts/directions/... are not included during the performance. Ü will make a set that's children friendly as soon as possible)


      The same notation could mean different things in different pieces. Please read everything before starting any music preparation


      Original Keys

      There are optional choices for certain vocal passages

      The set could remind people of familiar music from operas, piano solos, movies, Christmas, video games, and more


      The right and responsibility to use these compositions:

Those who purchased or received authorization through the purchase here could reproduce the music freely in auditions and competitions which are not open to the public, Those who are authorized to use the score have to notify the composer, Ü Lee, before reproducing her music in any occasions or productions. Once Ü Lee is notified, an authorization will be given to those who have made the purchases or those who were authorized with the purchases. For a limited time, for those who purchase or gain authorization with the purchases of this version of scores, No extra fees will be requested after receiving the reproducing authorization from Ü Lee.

      In general, it's good to keep Ü Lee informed when you plan on using her music:

      1st, Ü is more than happy to answer any questions to her music

      2nd, Ü is usually more than happy to help publicize for the productions that include her music.

作品集1 第1至5首


  「無言歌-戲劇練習曲-」Op. 1 內含五首聲樂與鋼琴小品

No. 1 = 第一幕 馬殺雞(按摩)

No. 2 = 第二幕 多一雙鞋

No. 3 = 第三幕 冰淇淋

No. 4 = 第四幕 健身房

No. 5 = 第五幕 死了一點點















​  做曲家通常很樂意為自己作品被使用而幫演出者宣傳

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