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Lieder ohne Worte

Op. 1 No. 1 - 5

      Are you tired of singing standard repertoire for your performances or auditions? Here are some refreshing, dramatic, and very showy options if you dare

      This is the whole set of Lieder ohne Worte - Dramaticalises - Op. 1

      It includes

No. 1 = Act I Massage Session

No. 2 = Act II The Extra Pair of Shoes

No. 3 = Act III Ice Cream

No. 4 = Act IV Gym

No. 5 = Act V La petite mort

      This is a set of music for a voice and a piano

      These are music to exercise drama

      There are no meaningful lyrics in this set

      Parental Advisory Strongly Recommended for users under 18 yo. The description(drama) may include topics which are not children friendly(The performance itself could be children friendly as long as the subtexts/directions/... are not included during the performance. Ü will make a set that's children friendly as soon as possible)

      The same notation could mean different things in different pieces. Please read everything before starting any music preparation

      Original Keys

      There are optional choices for certain vocal passages

      The set could remind people of familiar music from operas, piano solos, movies, Christmas, video games, and more

      For a limited time when you purchase this set, the composer, Ü Lee, will provide you an 1 hr coaching (online most likely)