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​李律 Lu Lee

Founder of La Gitanita

born in Fongshan Kaohsiung, Taiwan in 1985

BA in Foreign Language from National Taiwan University

MA in Chinese Linguistics

Flamenco Singer / Dancer

Editor of the Online Magazine, "TW Flamenco"

      Lu studied piano and percussion when she was young. Lu has learned so much of music history, theory, performing, executing, and appreciating from her solo and orchestral experience. Lu joined the Flamenco Club in National Taiwan University and started her journey with this art form that embraces multi cultures and times. For Lu, she's especially driven by the visual and aural excitement plus the interaction with others(performers and audience) during the performances. In order to observe and advance, Lu has studied Flamenco in Seville with the masters, Patricia Guerrero, Ana Morales, Belén Maya, Andrés Marín, Juan Peña “El Lebrijano”, Segundo Falcón, Juan Vergillos, and more.

      In 2011, Lu founded "La Gitanita", the first Taiwanese Flamenco group that insists on "live music" which includes the traditional format of at least a dancer, a singer, and a guitarist. As the founder of the group, all members continue their Flamenco studies in Spain and in Taiwan from time to time. In addition to countless performances in Taiwan, La Gitanita has appeared on internationally acclaimed "" and "" in 2012. In 2014, La Gitanita was interviewed by the Spanish Flamenco broadcast, "Portal Flamenco". La Gitanita also has performed and collaborated in Korea, Japan, Singapore, etc.

      Lu has brought traditional Flamenco to another level by collaborating with non-traditional instruments as pipa, cello, flute,..., and broadening the repertoire into other genre. Blending Performance Art with Installation Art, Lu has dared her audience by bringing Flamenco into unexpected space. During her experiment, Lu has performed in Taipei Free Art Fair (2014-2016) and performed with Xavier Le Roy(French Modern Dance) for his work "Retrospectives" in Taipei Fine Arts Museum(2016-2017), and more.


Mar First solo Flamenco performance at "Ciao Ciao"

Feb 2nd round of the competition, CAF, in Tokyo

       performed with Japanese Flamenco artists, 渡邊巖 and 佐藤哲平 at 神保町OléOlé

Jan Palmas for the show, 『踏尋 El Sendero』


Dec- Collaborated with Xavier Le Roy for his show, 『Retrospective 回顧』, using body movements to tell stories and interact with the audience at Taipei Fine Arts Museum『小野狂花法式板鴨燴』 Flamenco tablao with French Guitarist -Mateo Oscar, Percussionist - Pascal Rojas.

Nov Presented 『飢餓的佛朗明哥藝術家們』(feeding the hungry Flamenco artists) to challenge her audience for food in exchange for performance at Taipei Free Art Fair. In the mean time, she lets her audience make choices of what and how to perform.

Oct Represented La Gitanita as a Taiwanese musical group at World Music Festival @ Taiwan

combined Minnan(a Taiwanese dialect) element with Flamenco to present a comedy show, 『亭仔腳ㄟ佛朗明哥』i(Flamenco under a gazebo), and a short            play,  『佛朗明哥の小日常』(daily Flamenco or a day of Flamenco)

collaborated with pipa performer, 鍾玉鳳, and blues guitar performer, David Chen, for their cross genre project, 『藍。掉 混種計畫Fade to Blue ft Flamenco』,        at NCCU

Sep performed with the band, Dr. Fancy, for their originals. Their program, 『返嘻園』, was awarded by Taipei Fringe in the same year.

Aug invited to perform with artists from Japan, Mexico, Brazil to present "Intercambio Flamenco"

May invited by Flamenco Sin Frontera to perform in Goodman Theatre in Singapore

Jan- presented 『小野狂花的私密角落 Rincocillo de La Gitanita』 as both "Performance Art" and "Installation Art" at 123藝術現場(from Taipei Free Art Fair collection)

Jan- presented 『張家豪x小野狂花之春季巡迴』(La Gitanita's Spring Tour with 張家豪) around Taipei and Taichung


Nov presented 『小野狂花衣櫥大公開』(La Gitanita's Closet) at Taipei Free Art Festival to let audience feel and appreciate Flamenco clothes and accessories

Oct performed with artists from Korea and Japan in the program, "Flamenco Asia", in Seoul

Sep presented a Flamenco musical, 『來去 Las Idas Y Las Vueltas』, on a yacht and in 『稻舍』(an old barn house) at Taipei Fringe

May performed 『蝸居』(living like a snail) at NTU Art Fest. It showed how a Flamenco artist live in a space around 3 square meters



Nov challenged her audience and neighboring artists to create improvised performance at Taipei Free Art Festival

      used Cabal to perform Taiwanese folk song with 『四把吉他』(4 guitarists)

Jun performed in the Flamenco Museum in Seville

May performed in Encuantro Flamenco

Feb interviewed by Portal Flamenco(Canal Sur) and broadcast a segment from the performance DVD "樂舞佛朗明哥 Olé Flamenco”



Studied with Andrés Marín, Belén Maya, Patricia Guerrero, Ana Morales Chloé Brulé, Yolanda Heredia, Segundo Falcón, Juan Peña El Lebrijano, Juan Vergillos,..., in Seville Spain



founded an online Flamenco platform, 『台灣佛朗明哥情報誌』, to promote Flamenco for Chinese users

initiated a Flamenco flashmob with hundreds of participants in front of Sun-Yet-Sen Memorial Hall

published the performance DVD, 樂舞佛朗明哥 Olé Flamenco


toured the show, "樂舞佛朗明哥 Olé Flamenco", in Chimei Museum, Tree Valley Park, and MCUT


Sep founded "La Gitanita" with friends from the Flamenco club in NTU and premiered 『歌唱小酒館 Cafe Cantante』 at Taipei Fringe


edited and published the first Flamenco magazine in Chinese, 『Naranja 橘子不打烊』

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