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La Gitanita

      "La Gitanita" is one of the very rare Taiwanese group that focuses on promoting the inspiration of Flamenco. The word, La“ Gitanita, means a young gypsy girl. It represents the passion, energy, spirit, and the wild imagination of the group.

      The group premiered as "La Gitanita" in Taipei Fringe Festival in 2011. It began their journey performing live and traditional Flamenco all over the venues in Taiwan. In 2013 the group published the first performance DVD, "Olé Flamenco". (It was also the first Flamenco DVD produced by solely Taiwanese people) Parts from this DVD were played on air by Portal Flamenco, a Spainish radio station. Several members of the group were also interviewed on TV, and more. With the hunger for more knowledge and self-improvement, their artists go to Seville and study with the masters from time to time. In addition to the shows in Taiwan, La Gitanita has performed in Singapore, Japan, Korea, and Spain in the recent years. Their ambition is to become the global icon of FORMENCO(Formosan Flamenco).

      The performance of La Gitanita is based on traditional Flamenco with a twist of creativity and imagination. They have merged non-traditional music elements into their shows by collaborating with piano, cello, electric guitar,..., and even pipa(a traditional Eastern instrument) performers. Their idea is to fuse traditional Flamenco with Taiwanese ideas and culture. They also bring art to unexpected places like a yacht, barn house, etc. To challenge themselves, La Gitanita dared interactive experiment by letting the audience decide what to watch in Free Art Fair in 2014 and 2015. In 2016, 2016年, La Gitanita produced a petite theater piece, "a common day of Flamenco" with their dialect(Minnan), comedy, story-telling(Flamenco under the Gazebo), and vinyl Flamenco in TTTInternational Festival of Art.

Interview in Seville
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