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2017 NYS





Tour 2017 Auntie Strange + La Gitanita

Cyber Cafe West

Binghamton NY

Oct 20 2017 9PM

Just like in Seville, we get to enjoy Flamenco in a very intimate setting. There is very little distance between the performers and the audience. And, we can enjoy the show with food and drinks...

Treman Center

Ithaca NY

Oct 28 2017

Where Ü had her wedding banquet, a beautiful and spiritual place near Ithaca. The renovated barn house provides great and natural acoustic. Ü's personal favorite about the place is of course, the Steinway...


Johnson City NY


Sarah Jane Johnson Memorial United Methodist Church was built by G. F. Johnson (Founder of E-J Shoe that provided US soldiers' shoes in both World Wars). To continue GFJ's generosity, the admission to this performance will be free. 

TBD Oct-Nov 2017

Jamming with the luthier / owner of Culpepper Guitars, Andy Culpepper

Week of Oct 24 2017

A Flamenco workshop with talented students from the Avenues


Apalachin, NY

TBD Oct-Nov 2017

Flashmob / short program


TBD Oct-Nov 2017

There are more performances to be scheduled. Flashmob events could be expected along the way...​

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