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For the singers in RVA

      With great help from the acclaimed voice instructors in Richmond VA, Ü is able to offer group or private diction sessions in a studio around VMFA from Dec 16 to Dec 20. The group sessions consist of two halves. The first half would focus on phonetic alphabet, rules, and pronunciation. The second half is to help apply and review what students have learned from the first half in actual singing or speaking. Each session would have the maximum of 5 guaranteed singing spots(each singing spot would be 15 - 20 min).

 Dec 16 (Mon) 6:30 PM Group Italian Diction

 Dec 17 (Tue) 6:30 PM Group German Diction

 Dec 18 (Wed) 6:30 PM Group French Diction

 Dec 19 (Thur) Rest

 Dec 20 (Fri) 2 - 5 PM, 6 - 9 PM Individual/Private Sessions (1 hr per session)

      Online Early Bird Purchases before Nov 30(Nov 30 included):

       $20 per guaranteed singing spot(15-20 min) per session

       $60 include guaranteed singing spots in all three sessions from Dec 16 to Dec 18

       $10 per person to audit with stand-by singing possibility due to the amount of guaranteed singers, the difficulty of their repertoire,...

       $100 per Individual/Private Session for diction, musicianship, interpretation(drama), presentation, audition package check up, and more

      Payments made starting from Dec 1(including pay by the door):

       $15 per Group Diction Session with a potential singing spot if available

       $150 per Individual/Private Session (1 hr long)

      *The length of the second half may vary depending on the number of singers, difficulty of the repertoire, and more. Auditors are very welcome with a lower fee. Here's the schedule:

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for English, French, German, Italian, Mandarin, or Minnan

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