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Artistic Experience

2019    Winter    Lecturer of the workshop teaching marketing, math, and music in Edmonton Canada

2018    Aug    Composer of segments in the Flamenco production, Islander, in Taipei Fringe Festival
2018    Jun    Pianist of Enchanted Forest with Aimoniotis' Studio at TCO
2018    Mar    Singer for the National Anthem at Hockey 4 Hope Fundraiser
2017    Dec    Pianst/Actress of "Bedraggled" at Maes Salon in RVA
2017    Dec    Pianist/Singer of "Ivory Christmas" at Downtown Binghamton
2017    Fall    Pianist/Singer/Cellist for the Flamenco tour with La Gitanita in New York and RVA

2016    -Prsnt    Mother of an amazing daughter, Perle(Yes, parenting is an art!)

2016    -Prsnt    Singer/Pianist/Comedian of one woman stand up performances in Cyber Cafe West, Ransom Steele,...

2016    Jun    Pianist for Bichler's Studio at SJJMUMC
2015    Dec    Learning the role, Federica, from Verdi's Luisa Miller in 2 weeks and saved the performance with a raving review in Manhattan School of Music
2015    -Prsnt    Music Director of Sarah Jane Johnson Memorial Church. The duties include conducting the choir, playing the piano,..., and singing. 

2015    season    pianist for Parksville Music Festival
2015    Oct    Pianist/Singer/Accordionist for Mom’s House (Johnson City) fundraising concert in SJJMUMC.
2015    May    Pianist/Cellist for Caitlin Gotimer's Recital in Bingahmton University
2015    Apr    Cellist for TCO's production of Faust in the Forum
2014    May-Oct    Stage Director/Play writer/Pianist/Singer/Cellist for Ai-Shin Children’s Home Fundraising Concert in New Taipei City Hall, Taiwan.
2014    Feb    Singer/Accordionist/Pianist at Blue Fantasy in Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2014    Dec    Pianist for A. Chang's Recital at Tomizawa Naoko's viola shop in Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2013    -2014    Lecturer/Performer for Hualien Youth Home
2013    -2014    Singer/Pianist/Cellist for charity concerts with non profit organization, Tzi-Chi
2013    season    Bassist for the rock band "Man-Man-Lai" in Taipei, Taiwan.
2013    Summer    receiving the recognition as a proven "Extraordinary Talent" for her green card by the USCIS
2012    -2014    Singer/Cellist with the Flamenco group, La Gitanita

2012    -2013    Developing Chinese Lyrics for Bubble Guppies with Ezenhall

2012    -2014    Lecturer of the workshop teaching movements, interpretation, or entrepreneurship at National Taiwan Normal University, Guo-Guang Lab School, Fogstand Gallery, Tunghai University, Hulien Youth Home, Agape House, Jen-Ai High School, Madou Junior High School, Ching-Shuei High School, National Taipei University of Education,... 
2012    Summer    Coach at Opera Siena
2012    Apr    Performing 2nd Lady from the Magic Flute with TCO in the Forum
2012    Feb    Pianist at the Phelps Mansion
2011    Dec    Performing the lead role, Judith, from the Bluebeard's Castle with Taipei Opera in National Theatre in Taipei, Taiwan
2011    Fall    Conductor of Gotham Bel Canto for the production of “L’occasione fa il ladro” at Calhoun Art School in NYC
2011    Fall    Pianist for Broadway Nights at Tranquil
2011    Summer    Performing the role of Suzuki from Madame Butterfly with Mercury Opera in Edmonton, Canada
2010    -2011    Resident Artist at Tri Cities Opera
2010    Fall    Guest Conductor of the Pocket Opera of New York for the productions of L'enfant et les sortilèges and La chute de la maison Usher.

2010    Summer    Conductor of Yard Opera at Martha’s Vineyard

2010    Summer    Conductor of Experimental Theatre of National Theatre in Taipei, Taiwan, for the production of “Prima la musica poi le parole”

2010    July    Performing Poulenc's one woman opera, La Voix Humane, contracted by Prof. Chen in National Taiwan Normal University.

2010    Apr    Pianist for PONY's production of Il Pagliacci
2010    Apr    Coach, Pianist, and the singer of the Page from Rigoletto in Manhattan School of Music
2008    June    Conductor of Grandview Opera for the production of La Bohème in Nahant, Massachusetts
2005    -2012    Vocal Coach at Manhattan School of Music

2005    -2010    Assistant to Conductor Thomas Muraco in Manhattan School of Music​

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