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Group Creative Project: May I Sing With You

策劃人:奇怪的阿姨 李聿



 1. 支持婚姻平權

 2. 願意為此共同創作計畫貢獻一己之力:

  A. 故事部分:願意分享自己與婚姻平權相關的故事(會有幾個問題導引),以文字、照片,或影片具名或不具名方式出現在音樂影片中






  B. 後製(需要有特定軟體或轉檔案的能力)



  C. 顧問:(幫助這個共同創作計畫圓滿完成)













Project Creator: Auntie Strange (aka Ü Lee)

How it began: In Nov 2018, there were several referendum votes regarding the marriage rights/laws for same sex couples in Taiwan. When the result came out, it was a huge slap to basic human rights. I wrote this song a few days later hoping to transform my disappointment into a positive music video to re-educate people. In the mean time, I am hoping to gather creative and enthusiastic volunteers to join this group creation to provide comfort and show support to those who still feel terrible after the votes.


 1. support same sex marriages

 2. have one or more of below to contribute:

   A. Stories you like to share with words, pictures, or videos which could include your real name or other name (could choose to stay anonymous as well)


   B. Music (No need to be professional! Do need simple recording equipment and the ability to send and receive files online. It's a plus if you know how to follow a conductor!)

    B1. Singing: (one of these would be plenty. more than one is welcomed, too)

              Main melody

              Main melody in different languages

              Rap part

              Cannon part

              SATB (Bass is most wanted because I can't squeeze good low notes out)

    B2. Instrumental parts (with sheet music)

               Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, French Horn, Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba, Violin I & II, Viola, Cello, Double Bass

    B3. Instrumental parts (with chord progression only, may need to improvise)

               Piano, Double Bass(Jazz), Guitar, Drumkits

    C. Dancing

               I used a Flamenco Palo that might be recognized. Other than that, I'm always eager to see what else people could come up with.

    D. Others (after collecting all the information)

     D1. Music and Video mixers and editors

         Depending on the number of files we get, we may need to split the project into multiple parts

    E. Consultants:

     Director which may involve with the final edits

     Sound/music engineer for the final edits and balances

     Tech support

     Translators to help this group creation be known by more people


There's absolutely 0 money involved.

Any amount of participation will grant your name (could be anonymous as well) a place in the final version of music video.

You may feel satisfied because of your participation in a project that unites people from several countries

You may feel good about yourselves because of the ability to recognize and the effort to defend basic human rights

Anticipated schedule:

Gathering volunteers and collecting files until the end of Jan in 2019

Editing will start in Feb 2019

Publish the final version of this music video in social media by March 2019

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