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Fun Facts about Ü

  • Ü also paints. Her paintings have been shown in exhibitions in Binghamton Club, Art Mission Gallery, and Taiwan Center

  • Ü once got paid 10,000 USD a month to work for a game company. She got the job because of how much Diablo III she had played

  • Ü accomplished mathematical thinking, computational thinking, and python classes from Coursera

  • Ü did not get into any master's programs (in the US) as a singer, but she has successfully helped numerous people get into master's programs as singers

  • Ü spent less than 2000 USD for her entire wedding day. Her parents weren't even there. BTW, the ceremony was officiated by the Mayor of Ithaca, Svante Myrick.

One of them is her husband, your pick :p (Both are extraordinary men)

3. 遲疑 -素描_edited
10. L'ultimo bacio -油畫
9. Triumph - 油畫
7. 回眸 -彩色鉛筆
8. Cat's Eye - 油畫
6. L'elisir d'amore -水彩
5. Desire -水彩
2. Pioneer- 素描
1. 凝視 -素描
4. Wisdom -水彩
  • Ü played cello in Melanie Fiona's music video, "It Kills Me"

  • Ü modeled for designers, Dolita de Paris and Stina Sayre

  • Ü got into the apprentice program of Sarasota Opera without applying for it.

  • Ü has made many people uncomfortable by knowing how to follow a conductor

  • Ü has a theory that "perfect pitch" could be trained

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