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Helping Students Become Their Own Teachers

      Being foreign to all the languages in the opera field, Ü was extremely fortunate to have studied and worked with linguistic experts from all over the world. Enjoying logical, methodical, and economical approaches to pursue her passion in opera, Ü quickly developed systematic ways to help herself advance in languages. Instead of drilling perfect diction syllables by syllables, Ü prefers the way of helping her students become their own teachers.

      In addition to help students produce authentic sounds, Ü helps her students remember the rules, teaches her students where to find answers on their own, and help her students to be more independent and self-sufficient.

      Currently, Ü's diction sessions focus on English, French, German, Italian, Mandarin, and Minnan. Since she became a mom of two small children (both under 3yo), she offered more online sessions. Group or individual sessions in person may be scheduled in upstate New York or Richmond VA.

Sessions in RVA

      Ü will be teaching in a studio around VMFA in Dec 2019. Click here to see the calendar or to book a group or private session.

Book a session

for English, French, German, Italian, Mandarin, or Minnan

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