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Ü Lee, Cellist

"Marvelously Wacky..."

      Ms. Lee, Classically trained cellist since the age of 10, has an unusual career focus on collaboration with dancers in addition to concert and orchestral performances.

      Her decades of stage experience in singing, acting, modern dancing,..., and more, inspires Ms. Lee to explore more "experimental" (or sometimes very ugly) vocabulary that very few Classical musicians dare to produce.

      Having collaborated with dancers, jugglers, and other performing artists from Taiwan, US, Spain, etc., Ms. Lee is currently active in Upstate New York. From time to time, one can find Ms. Lee on stage or behind the scene in the US, Canada, Taiwan,...

Apo Hsu, professor at The Conductor's Institute at Bard College, NY Apr 16 2018

a video about her philosophy & performances

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